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Perlick: 826 Series Faucet Parts

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Faucet Parts

Perlick Models: 826 Series

Available Parts List:

1 Order: Screw
2 Order: Hot or Cold Handles
3 Order: Hot or Cold Valve Assembly
4 Order: Hot or Cold Adapter
5 Order: O-Ring
6 Order: Hot or Cold Stem
7 Order: O-Ring
8 Order: Cup
9 Order: Seat Washer
10 Order: Screw
11 Order: Seat
12 Order: O-Ring
13 Order: Body
14 Order: Washer
15 Order: Jam Nut
16 Order: Coupling Nut
17 Order: O-Ring
18 Order: Turret
19 Order: O-Ring
20 Order: Split Ring
21 Order: Coupling Nut
22 Order: Goose Neck Spout
23 Order: 4", 7" or 13" Long Spout Assembly
24 Order: Double Jointed Spout Extension
25 Order: Gasket
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